Gioco di fuga Orrore Sottoterra

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The Smith Family have wanted children for a long time and finally decided to adopt three troubled kids. The agency found them in an old abandoned sewer on the outskirts of the city - and nobody knew how they got here and what were they doing there in the first place.

One day the Smiths have woken up to three empty beds: the kids went missing in the middle of the night. The worried parents decided to look for the children before the police came. Following the footprints on the damp ground, they approached the sewer and descended into the darkness. No one ever saw the family again...

You are the best rescue team in the city trying to find answers and get to the bottom of the mysterious disappearance. The sewer is rumored to be a system of ancient catacombs leading straight to hell. Are you brave enough to enter? Can you find out what happened to the family and escape with your lives?